Tuesday, May 31, 2011


1.       YES! – It can be done and we can do it on June 12, 2012 by voting YES on Measure 2 and guarantee that essential government services are fully funded.

2.      Measure 2 will, for the first time in State history, constitutionally give local control over all local spending and the portion of school revenue currently funded with property taxes.

3.      WHY SHOULD ANYONE IN A FREE COUNTRY BE FORCED TO RENT THEIR HOME FROM THE GOVERNMENT OR LOSE IT?  It’s time citizens have security in their own home and don’t have to rent from the government or lose it.  After paying a mortgage for 20 to 30 years why should we continue paying “rent to the government” for the “privilege” of living in our home?  We shouldn’t. 

4.      Property tax is unfair and used to benefit special interests and punish those without influence.  In some communities 40% or more of property is “exempted” from taxes.  The burden is placed on everyone else. 

5.      County and city governments see your home as their private ATM, a place where they can take as much as they want and you have no power to stop it. 

6.      We can abolish property tax without increasing any tax.  There is more than enough revenue to do so.  The problem is - instead of using the excess state revenue and oil revenue to decrease taxes it is used to benefit special interests.

7.      Contrary to popular belief property taxes don’t give citizens “local control”.  The next time you think paying property taxes give you control at the local level try to influence how your local government spends your money; whether for schools or anything else.

8.      “How will we replace property taxes if we abolish them?”  From exactly the same place the revenue come from now – our earnings.  The difference will be - after MEASURE 2 passes YOU WILL OWN YOUR HOME and government will have NO CONTROL over it!

9.      Help make North Dakota the only state in the Nation without property tax.

Go to our web-site: 1. Sign up. 2. Make a contribution. 3. Educate your friends and neighbors. 4. Vote YES on MEASURE 2 - June 12, 2012!


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