"We do not elect our representatives to determine how much of what we earn we get to keep. We elect them to prioritize spending the precious dollars we choose to entrust to them."

It’s Time to Constitutionally
Abolish Property Taxes in North Dakota.

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  2. Language of Initiated Measure to Abolish Property Taxes (T)
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  5. States without personal or corporate income tax (D) 
  6. State spending has substantially outpaced personal income and population growth.  The current growth pattern is unsustainable. Here is a graph showing State Spending Growth v. Personal Income Growth – 1967 – 2011 (G) 
  7. Local Option Sales Taxes Adopted by Cities & Counties Since 1986 (H) 
  8. North Dakota Counties – Capital Assets & Earnings on Investments (I) 
  9. Property Tax Increases in North Dakota by County Between 1997 – 2005 (UPDATE COMING) (K) 
  10. How County Property Taxes are Spent – By County (L) 
  11. Our state's population has remained stagnant for decades. The excuse is "North Dakota is too cold" but this map shows that even compared to neighboring states (that have a similar climate) ND is falling behind. Whether you want to see North Dakota's population increase or not (some people like our low population) lack of growth indicates that there is something wrong. High taxes, especially the onerous property tax (ND has the 14th highest property tax in the nation) may be one reason for the lack of growth. (N) 
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