Sunday, November 13, 2011


As noted in a previous post, the Forum was not content with belittling the nearly 30,000 citizens who put Measure 2 on the ballot, calling them inept, thoughtless buffoons.  They also misquoted the Attorney General, saying that he'd ruled all money collected between January and June 2012 would have to be refunded should the measure pass.  I wrote a rebuttal to their venomous tirade and pointed out three things:

1-The Forum is using scare tactics to disuade voters from repealing this offensive tax.
2-The Attorney General did not say one word about having to refund any tax money collected between January 2012 and passage of the measure at the June 2012 election.
3-The Attorney General didn't say that because he (unlike the Forum) knows that taxes collected in 2012 were billed in 2011 and therefore unaffected by the measure's effective date of January 2012.

Rebuttal published in today's Forum

Now look for those points in my response printed in today's Forum.  Notice two of the three points are missing.  In fact, the letter I submitted was 538 words long.  The published version is 386 words.  That's right--the Forum chopped out nearly 150 words, one quarter of my response.  And then they put my name at the bottom, implying that I wrote that response.  What they published was their version of my response, spun to meet their approval.

The Forum ridiculed and insulted tens of thousands of North Dakotans, they lied about what the Attorney General said, they lied about needing to refund money if the measure passes and then they lied when they printed this gutted version of my rebuttal, implying that I was the author.  Ask yourself, is this a reliable source of news?

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  1. Please keep the updates coming, Charlene, a lot of people are following this with great interest.