Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Most Well-Thought Out Measure

Opponents of Measure 2 are prone to say this is a poorly-thought out measure. We beg to disagree. Measure 2 is probably the most well-thought out, debated and researched measure in the state's history. And now we have a book to prove it. This last week we held a press conference to announce the publishing of our book Property Tax Revolution: It's our Home, not Theirs. To my knowledge no other measure has had a book published on the issue.

Measure 2 not only has a book, but an econometric study as well (see BHI report on the sidebar.) We chose BHI because this economic think-tank has already been used by North Dakota's Commerce Department to guide their economic development policies. BHI is familiar with the economic climate in North Dakota and legislators and policy makers trust BHI's expertise.

It's clear that not only is this a well-thought, well-researched measure, but that we want voters and policy makers to be fully informed on the issue. We want voters to be informed by the facts, not the fear of the naysayers and feel confident that a YES vote will move the state forward in a positive way.

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